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The Ultimate Guide to Chisels and Gouges

Ever wondered what’s the difference between Chisels and Gouges?Well,  here’s an amazing infographic that covers everything you need to know about Chisels and Gouges. What they are, how to use them, different variations they come in, etc.

If you’re a woodworking geek then you’re in for a treat.

Basically, both tools consist of a blade and a wooden handle and are used to shape and carve details into wood.

When it comes to Chisels, the edges are either outcannel or incannel, while gouges come in two variations : Firmer and Paring.
There are 10 different variations of Chisels:
1. Back Bent Chisel
2. Bent or Cabinet Chisel
3. Firmer Chisel
4. Corner Chisel
5. Mortise Chisel
6. Paring Chisel
7. Slick Chisel
8. Fishtail Chisel
9. Dogleg Chisel
10. Butt Chisel
There are 10 different variations of Gouges:
1. Back Bent Gouge
2. Bowl Gouge
3. Bench and Cabinet Gouge
4. Fishtail Gouge
5. Firmer Gouge
6. Paring Gouge
7. Spoon Gouge
Chisels and Gouges 101: An Introduction to Basic Woodworking Tools

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